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WatchOS 7 latest version, problems, and new features

The latest version of the OS for the Apple Watch – watchOS 7 – added a wealth of latest features, such as sleep tracking, handwashing detection, and new types of workouts to Apple Watches, but it also added a fair few problems. In this article, we’ll run through the details of the latest update to the Apple Watch software, including details of the new features added by the update. We’ll also discuss the issues people are experiencing, the fixes for them, and whether you should update to the newest version of the Watch software. Here’s what you’ll expect from watchOS if you install it on your wrist, and how to fix problems such as workout data disappearing, battery drain, and unexpected reboots and restarts. Apple continues to update watchOS 7 – we’ve details of the latest version: watchOS 7.1 below.

watchOS 7

When was watchOS 7 released?

watchOS 7 became available to download on 16 September 2020. watchOS 7.0.1 arrived on xx. Then on 5 November Apple released an update on Watch OS 7.1.

Will my Apple Watch get watchOS 7?

Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 6 will work with watchOS 7, paired with iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 (or later). The original series Watch (or Series 0 as it is also known) will miss out on watchOS 7, but it didn’t make the cut for watchOS 6. Series 1 and Series 2 are also behind – owners of the Series 2 will find this particularly galling, as the devices are still perfectly usable in 2020, but it could simply be a case that Apple wants to move forward in terms of features and the older hardware wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands.

What is the latest version of watchOS 7?

Since watchOS 7 arrived on 16 September a number of updates have been issued by Apple. The company is also working on beta versions of the watchOS software. As with other Apple operating systems, Apple is running a beta program for the Apple Watch OS. The newest version of watchOS is watchOS 7.2. It includes bug fixes and no other features are expected. It’s likely to launch to the public in December. More here: Out now: watchOS 7.2 beta. WatchOS 7.1 arrived on 5 November. The update focused on bug and security fixes and fixed a problem with unlocking a Mac using an Apple Watch. It arrived alongside other software updates – we’ve more information here: Apple updates iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple TV, and Watch. 

WatchOS 7.0.3 was only available for the Apple Watch Series 3. This update came just over a week after the release of watchOS 7.0.2 and addressed a bug that caused the Apple Watch Series 3 to form unexpected restarts. The update also includes bug fixes and general improvements, according to Apple’s notes. WatchOS 7.0.2 was designed to fix unexpected battery drains. It also resolved an issue that prevented some users from accessing the ECG app in regions where it’s available, according to Apple.

watchos 7


New features in watchOS 7

WatchOS 7 was a sizable upgrade over its predecessor now with a particular focus on personalization, health, and fitness. With watchOS 7 Apple introduced several features that have long been on the wishlist of Apple Watch users. Here’s what you can expect if you install the software:

Multiple complications 

WWDC 2020 announced a serious advancement in watchOS 7‘s complications. Watch owners can now access multiple complications and infinitely customize the design supported by their priorities and interests. New parents, for instance, can organize multiple complications during a single face for a detailed check out bottle-feeding, breast-feeding, or pumping metrics – and such configuration can be shared. This comes as a direct development of the Infographics, which allowed up to eight complications and first appeared on the Apple Watch 4. WatchOS 7 will also include the Chronograph Pro-face with a tachymeter which can display details on speed supported time travelled over a distance.


Face Sharing 

In a new feature called Face Sharing, watchOS 7 will allow users to share and adapt new face configurations onto their own devices as curated by third-party apps, social media, websites, and even personal contacts.  Previously, if a friend of yours had their watch face found out in a way that you really like, you’d have to ask them how they put together that particular configuration and then try to emulate it on your own Watch. WatchOS 7 allows your friend to now send their layout to you and have your device automatically adapt that arrangement.

Sleep Monitoring

In a major step forward, sleep tracking is finally a reality on the Apple Watch. With Watch OS 7, Apple offers what it calls a “holistic” approach to sleep hygiene, including features to create a healthy pre-bedtime routine. WatchOS 7 works with wind-down features on iOS 14 that reduces distractions and helps users personalize a night routine. Machine learning on watchOS 7 will allow the Apple Watch to monitor sleep quality using the accelerometer to measure the wearer’s micro-movements, which indicates the user’s wake or sleep breathing patterns. Users can see visualizations of their sleeping patterns in the morning, along with trends.


Workout Types and Fitness

The biggest addition to watch OS 7 workout types is the inclusion of Dance, which tracks popular dance styles like Hip Hop, Latin, Bollywood, and cardio-based dance. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope watchOS 7 can now detect the differences and combinations of upper and lower body movements and combine this with heart rate data. Also, new workouts are Core Training, Functional Strength, and Cooldown. The Activity app has also been newly branded as Fitness and will continue to provide users with metrics on daily activities, workouts, awards, competitions, and trends.



Also possibly as a response to Covid-19, iOS 14’s improvements on maps will expand to watchOS 7 with greater optimization for cycling directions – a welcome update as a fix for commuters while avoiding public transit.  Watch OS 7‘s attention towards cycling will provide users details like time and distance of travel along with information on bike lanes, stairs, and when you might need to dismount to walk your bike. You can also see details on inclines to avoid routes that are hillier than others.

Blood Oxygen measurement

Another health-related feature that’s set to make its debut in watchOS 7 as an Apple Watch Series 6-exclusive feature is the ability to measure the oxygen content in your blood via the guts monitor. This could be very important for some, as the measurement would indicate whether the wearer is in danger of cardiac arrest or potential respiratory problems.

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