Download Cydia iOS 12.4.1
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Should we upgrade iOS 12.4.1 and download Cydia iOS 12.4.1?

With a sudden surprise, Apple released another iOS 12 update. This is 12.4.1, and it is the bug fixed update of iOS 12.4. Although Apple decided iOS 12.4 as the final update for iOS 12, to cover up security patches, they released official iOS 12.4.1. So now jailbreak not supported, and Apple protected iOS 12.4.1. With the release of iOS 12.4.1, some Apple users follow iOS upgrade. Now they are looking to download Cydia iOS 12.4.1 on all the iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. This is the most supported way to get unlimited freedom for iOS. Now Apple users interested with download Cydia iOS 12.4.1 as it is the best way to download thousands of third-party apps, tweaks, games freely, add, extension, and themes without any mess.

Download Cydia iOS 12.4.1

Download Cydia iOS 12.4.1

Download Cydia iOS 12.4.1 released for iOS 12.4.1. This is a small security update. But for Apple, this is the most stable Apple operating system as it not supported jailbreak iOS 12.4.1. Cydia iOS 12.4.1 is another Cydia update that released for iOS 12.4.1. Such as earlier times you can see thousands of possibilities with this Cydia as it includes updated or modified features, functions to increase the iOS performances.

Should we upgrade iOS 12.4.1?

iOS 12.4.1 was released in an unexpected moment. According to Apple, this is the most stable iOS 12 update. But if you are a Cydia lover or a jailbreak lover, then before going to upgrade the iOS 12.4.1 there is something that you should know about. That is, the official jailbreakers still not find any losing point of iOS 12.4.1 to break the barrier towards jailbreak iOS 12.4.1. So when you upgrade iOS 12.4.1, you haven’t any opportunity to download Cydia iOS 12.4.1 as it needs jailbreak iOS. So until the official jailbreak update release, it is better to wait with iOS 12.4 as it supports semi-untethered jailbreak and download Cydia iOS 12.4 with updated Cydia app store.

Possibilities for download Cydia iOS 12.4.1

For un-jailbroken iOS versions, TaiG-Download is one of the most recommended ways to download Cydia. It is frequently updated, and millions of Apple users love this iOS jailbreak as it is the best way. However download Cydia iOS 12.4.1, TaiG-Download was not updated yet. For the latest time, TaiG-Download allows users the opportunity to download Cydia iOS 12.4 – iOS 11 with semi unc0ver jailbreak. This is a wonderful release, and for iOS 11- iOS 12.4, TaiG-Download connects with unc0ver jailbreak, and this combination jailbreak tool gives thousands of opportunities. So it is better to wait with iOS 12.4 than going for a new iOS upgrade until the official jailbreak release.

Final words

TaiG-Download still not updated for download Cydia iOS 12.4.1. The latest available TaiG-Download + unc0ver tool supports only for semi-untethered jailbreak iOS 11- iOS 12.4. It allows to download Cydia iOS 12.4, download Cydia iOS 12.3, download Cydia iOS 12.2, download Cydia iOS 12.1 and below. So still there is no any option for Cydia iOS 12.4.1.

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